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Passionate about helping entities, elected officials and candidates secure the private resources they need to move forward.

With 40 years combined experience, we look forward to demystifying the fundraising process for you.

Our Priorities

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This is Us Nonprofit

ARD proudly does the volunteer fundraising for This Is Us Tulsa, a 501c3 nonprofit that feeds & mentors students at McLain High School.

Special Events

Plated dinners, Inaugural balls, cocktail receptions, exclusive hunts, and much more.  We are excited by the idea of helping you to reach your fundraising goals by working with you to create a memorable experience for your guests and donors.

Candidates &
Elected Officials

ARD works with principled conservatives to customize fundraising launch plans, candidate onboarding, team training and strategy sessions to fit their needs. We endeavor to serve those who align with our hungry, humble, and smart mentality. 

Fundraising Training

We will escort you through 5 key steps we have identified that, when done well and with consistency, can ensure success in fundraising. From legal to the not-to-be-forgotten thank you note and everything in between – we build an experience and help equip you to execute on behalf of your own unique endeavor.

Ready to get started? Click here to view our training document!

Trusted Partners

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